More Speakers & Schedules Coming Soon

Our speakers such as Joel Salatin, Shawn & Beth Dougherty, and Pork Rhyne are all planning to speak on both Saturday & Sunday, and we will be offering intensive workshops with them as well. (Intensive workshops such as butchering will be limited to a much smaller group and will be a separate ticket. We will have those tickets available in a few weeks.) We are working long and hard to develop our programming, solidify complex schedules, and write up outlines for the rest of our speakers. It may be awhile before all of that is nailed down. With at least 20 speaker sessions per day to choose from and additional skill building activities such as intensive workshops and demonstrations on a variety of topics, we are confident that you will be able to find an abundance of learning opportunities to grow in your sustainable living skills. Please take a look at the topics listed on this website to give you an overview of the many sessions we are developing. We plan to have identified learning tracks for Beginners, Intermediate, and Experienced Learners throughout the event.

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