Amy Sager
Speaker, Publications Director, Indiana Association of Home Educators, Managing Editor of Homeschool Indiana

Amy Sager is the IAHE Publications Director and Managing Editor of Homeschool Indiana. She and her husband Mike serve on the IAHE Board of Directors and homeschool their five children in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. On their small farm, they enjoy raising chickens and lambs, gardening, reading, and playing music. 

Breakout Session:

Intro to Homeschooling in Indiana


Homeschool 101

Brief Introduction of Speakers

What is the IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators etc.)

General Homeschool Info

5 Homeschool Myths

  • It’s all the same (Not all “at home learning” is homeschooling)
  • Indiana has no regulations (Indiana has Homeschooling Laws)
  • It’s expensive (average cost and ways to save)
  • Homeschoolers are isolated (ways to be social and connect)
  • There are no threats to homeschooling (Current Challenges to freedom)

Personal Examples

  • Typical Homeschool Day
  • Homeschooling multiple ages at the same time
  • Options for the school year

How IAHE can help you

  • Find curriculum and resources
  • Connect with area groups
  • Special Learner Support
  • Single Parent Homeschooling
  • Support for Co-op and Group Leaders

Most Common Homeschool Questions we get

Question and Answer Session