Indiana Homesteading Conference

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You can check back in Jan 2025 for more info.
Build Local Community in 2024

Rain or Shine
Partnering to teach Sustainable Living Skills and Encourage Community.

The Indiana Homesteading Conference provides breakout sessions by dozens of experienced speakers across a multitude of homesteading/ sustainable living and preparedness topics. At IHC, attendees can also learn where to find tools, businesses, and other resources that will help them develop community and achieve their goals. We meet people regularly who want to reconnect to a more down-to-earth approach to living and eating, but they feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do. Our hope is to provide support that will build resiliency in families & communities and have a lasting impact.  It is our belief that skills for sustainability are crucial, and they have real value and impact in the season we are living in. We hope people will leave inspired, and build upon what we are offering.

IHC supports both beginners & more experienced with training that will help in obtaining a more sustainable lifestyle. We offer 5 topic options during each breakout session. For some, that is a lot to choose from. For others, who have already gained some skills, they like having additional options to expand their skills. We want to serve as a hub for a multitude of topics and offer an assortment of community building opportunities. Our hope is that people will leave the conference with new friendships and connections, taking what they’ve learned back home to their local communities, with some possibly stepping into the role of mentoring others.

In addition, we want to build partnerships with people as well as with businesses who have a passion for this issue, encouraging relationships at the local level with those who would like to reduce their dependence on big systems and learn from each other. Grassroots movements that encourage community and living locally are very beneficial.

Please note, there will be 5 breakout sessions per day with 5 topic choices per time slot. Intensive workshops such as chicken processing with Joel Salatin will be running concurrently with the regular conference schedule. Please go to the Tickets 2023 page or the Workshops page on this website for more information about Workshops. Go to the Kids Stuff page to see information about Jr. Homesteaders and the Kids Country Carnival.

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm, Editor of The Stockman Grass Farmer

Speaker on Both Saturday & Sunday, Writer & Trainer

Shawn & Beth Dougherty, THE ONE-COW REVOLUTION a Grass-fed Homestead

Speakers on Both Saturday & Sunday, Writers & Trainers

Pork Rhyne,“The Pork Evangelist,”

Speaker on Both Saturday & Sunday, Livestock Educator & Farm Marketing Coach

Hunter Smith, From NFL Football to Farmer & Musician

Speaker, Super Bowl Champion for the Indianapolis Colts

David Stelzer

Speaker, Founder & CEO, Azure Standard

Ashley Burton

Speaker, Mulberry Branch Farms, IHC Organizer

Kody Hanner

Speaker, Homestead Education

Randy Kemerly

Speaker, Owner-Operator at Hidden Acres Fruit Farm

Karen Lynn Burr

Speaker, Vitalist Health Coach, Holistic Esthetician, Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Chris Gonso

Speaker, Homesteader/Orchardist, IN Nut & Fruit Growers Assoc., ISDA

Kris Heeter (aka Dr. Kris Klueg)

Speaker, Biologist at Indiana University, IN Nut & Fruit Growers Assoc

Michael Hicks

Speaker, Founder/Owner Living Roots Farm & Organic Farm School

Joe Gady

Speaker, Farming for Llife

Lessie Jo Frazier

Speaker, Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC

Jenny Lambert

Speaker, Master Gardener, Central IN Seed Swap

Harold Thornbro

Speaker, The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Redemption Permaculture

Bradley Wood

Speaker, Farmer Brad LLC Hatchery & Poultry Supply

Tracy Pielemeier, Beekeeping

Speaker, The Hive Butler, North Central Beekeepers Club

Stacy A. Clupper

Speaker, Agriculture Program-Assistant Prof/Program Chair Ivy Tech Community College (Grant County)

Dana Burton

Speaker, Growing Dreams Homestead

Mark Townsend

Speaker, Trainer, Freedom Focus, Cousin's Compost

Steven and Ethel Baker

Speaker, IrishMudd LLC, American KuneKune Pig Society

Dylan & Meagan Wolterman

Speakers, Wolterman Homestead

Steve Zaffarano

Speaker, Zaffarano's Microgreens

Bob Rider

Speaker, Olive Branch Aquaponics

Sonya Boone

Speaker, Dave & Sonya in Michigan

David Primm

Speaker, Workshop Trainer

David Boone

Speaker, David and Sonya in Michigan

Kelly Cox

Speaker, Indiana Association of Home Educators

Amy Sager

Speaker, Publications Director, Indiana Association of Home Educators, Managing Editor of Homeschool Indiana

Heather Butler

Speaker, Urban Permaculture Podcast, Hogs & Hens Urban Farm

Aaron Elison

Speaker, Redmond Agriculture

Chris Sullivan


Rachel Jamison

Speaker, Redemption Permaculture, The Modern Homesteading Podcast

Victoria Reicheneker

Speaker, Dreamweavers Homestead

Cindy Nevitt

Speaker, The Farmhouse

Mike Smith

Speaker, Indiana Maple Syrup Association

Kylee Eller

Speaker, Westwind Farm and Fiber

Trish Dunn

Speaker, Feed Administrator , Office of Indiana State Chemist

Katie Simpson

Speaker, Pet Food Specialist, Office of Indiana State Chemist

Christina Ferroli, PhD RDN, FAND

Speaker, Retired, Purdue Extension-Marion County

Mark Straw

Speaker, Executive Administrator, Indiana State Egg Board

Renae Swiatkowski

Speaker, DVM, Deputy Director, State Board of Animal Health Meat and Poultry Division

If your company is interested in Sponsorship, contact Rhonda Fowler through the contact form on this website.

Lehman's Amish Made Goods


Azure Standard, healthy organic foods & natural products at family-friendly prices


Plain Values, “A Magazine on a Mission to Find Joy in the Simple Things”


Rural King, Farm & Home Store


Starkline, H&K Smart Fence, Raise, Grow, Go


GrainMaker, The Finest Grain Mills in the World


Aftershock Preparedness


Mother Earth News Bookstore, The Original Guide to Living Wisely


Weston A. Price Foundation, Wise Traditions in Food Farming, & Healing Arts


MacAllister Outdoor Equipment & MacAllister Machinery.


RockPot, A power-free & portable cooker


Fertrell, Natural & Organic fertilizers & Feed Supplements “healing the earth and feeding the world better naturally!”


Homestead Education, Homestead Homeschool Curriculum & Support


Kraut Creek Regenerative Ag Supply


Yardbird, Roaster-Ready in 15 Seconds


Superior Poultry Products


Premier 1 Supplies, Electric Netting, Poultry, Sheep & Goat Supplies, Clippers & Shearers


The Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine


Mt. Healthy Hatcheries


Rural 1st, The Leader in Rural Lending


Wasson Nursery, Nursery Stock, Growing Supplies, Landscaping, & Hardscaping


Overgrown Pasture, Farm-fresh, Street Cuisine


The Hive Butler, Bee Hive Management Tools


Dirt & Devotion Homestead- Themed Clothing


Freedom Focus LLC, Firearms Training


Cousins Compost LLC, Composting & Garden Supplies, Worms, Compost


Hidden Hollow Honey Co, Beekeeping Supplies, Training, Freeze Dryers, & Honey


CROSSROADS Portable Buildings, Sheds, Barns, Greenhouses, Coops, Garages, Post & Frame Buildings, More


Modern Homestead Podcast


Brinsea, The Incubation Specialists


Country Life Foods, Healthy Eating Made Simple


Shenandoah Homestead Supply, Supporting the Small American Dairy


Denali Canning, Canners, Dehydrators, Canning Lids


Soteria Forge, Knives crafted with the finest materials, basic knife making and leather working classes


Bee Run Farm, promoting sustainable & resilient farming systems


Redmond Agriculture


Growing Success Farm, LLC


Indiana Association of Home Educators


Field & Forest Products, Mushrooms Spawn, Cultivation Supplies, & Education


LogOx, Forestry Products


Click "READ MORE" below for the Link to Buy Tickets on Ticket Leap. We would suggest that you Review TICKET TYPES BEFORE GOING TO TICKET LEAP TO PURCHASE TICKETS. Please Note: This is a Rain or Shine Event

Ticket Leap Charges a Fee for Each Ticket Purchased

Adult- Whole Hog Combo Ticket- $72

Adult- All Weekend Conference Pass with Hog Roast and Hootenanny on Sat Evening (SAVE $10)

Adult- Double Day Conference Ticket- $45


Adult- Saturday Combo Ticket- $54.50


Adult- Saturday Only, Conference Only Ticket- $27.50


Adult- Sunday Only, Conference Only Pass- $27.50


Adult- Intensive Learning Workshops

IHC is offering 4 Intensive Workshops. Varied times and ticket prices. Click Read More to see more info.

Adult- Hog Roast and Hootenanny Only- Add-on Ticket- $27

For those who are not buying tickets but need to be at the event.. such as volunteers

Youth- 3 Pigs Weekend + Combo Pass- $37


Youth- Double Day Combo- $17


Youth- Saturday Combo Ticket- $30


Youth- Saturday Only, Conference Only- $10


Youth- Sunday Only, Conference Only- $10


Youth- Hog Roast and Hootenanny Add-on- $20

For those who are not buying tickets but need to be at the event.. such as volunteers

Jr. Homesteaders Classes, Saturday Only- $20


Jr. Homesteaders Classes, Sunday Only- $20


Kids Carnival

All Weekend Access to The Kids Carnival!

Child- 3 Little Pigs Weekend Combo- Conf + Hog Roast- $14


Child- Saturday Combo Conf + Hog Roast Combo- $14


Child- Little Pigs Duo Weekend Pass Conference Only- Free


Child- Little Pig Saturday Only, Conference Only Pass- Free


Child- Little Pig Sunday Conference Only- Free

Child (12 and Under) Conference Pass Sunday Only- Free

Young CHILD- Piglet's Weekend Out Combo ticket- Free

Young CHILD (0-4)- Weekend Conference + HOG ROAST/BAND

ADULT PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Heather Gray- $17 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

ADULT PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Army Green- $17 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

ADULT PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Black- $17 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

ADULT 2XL & 3XL PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRTS, Gray- $19 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference 2X-3XL T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

ADULT 2XL & 3XL PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRTS, Army Green- $19 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference 2X-3XL T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

ADULT 2XL & 3XL PRESALE- Adult CONFERENCE T-SHIRTS, Black- $19 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference 2X-3XL T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

YOUTH PRESALE- Youth CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Heather Gray- $12 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference Youth T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

YOUTH PRESALE- Youth CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Army Green- $12 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference Youth T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

YOUTH PRESALE- Youth CONFERENCE T-SHIRT, Black- $12 (save $3)

By purchasing this ticket you will be purchasing an Indiana Homesteading Conference 2023 Conference Youth T-Shirt at a discounted rate that will be available at check in of the event.

Hog Roast & hootenanny! imageHog Roast & hootenanny! image

Saturday October 21st, just following the last session of the conference. Featuring catering by Overgrown Pastures and live music by The Backwoods Bluegrass Band!
Click the photo to check out some of their music on YouTube

Join us for a casual, family-style hog roast with all the fixins! The IHC hog roast is catered by Overgrown Pastures. They are also a sponsor for our event! Click their logo and go to their page for more info.
  • Hot appetizer course passed before dinner 
  • Whole Roasted Hog (A portion prepared for Hog Cubanos/ pork sandwiches)
  • Assorted sides (6 hot options and 6 cold options) from Mac & Cheese to cowboy beans
  • Freshly baked cornbread and biscuits
  • Dessert selection: (Pies, pastry, & ice cream)
Beverage service:
(Coffee, cider, tea, water)

Overgrown Pasture is run by a trained chef preparing high quality cuisine. You will smell this roasting hog all day at the conference on Saturday, so be prepared to be hungry for this hog roast!

We've worked hard to develop educational & fun things for you and your family at IHC!

Jr. Homesteaders

General admission tickets to IHC for kids 12 and under can be obtained free on TicketLeap where you buy your other tickets, but there is a ticket fee for Jr. Homesteader tickets as well as the Hog Roast and Hootenanny for kids. Jr. Homesteader Classes will be offered on both Saturday and Sunday during the speaker sessions just prior to lunch and just following lunch for ages 5-12.  

For more information on tickets, visit the Tickets 2023 page on this website. If you order tickets, you will receive instructions on your child's drop off and pick up as well as other details. Jr. Homesteader tickets are very limited and will fill quickly, so don't wait too long to get them. 

IHC Kids Carnival!!!

IHC will have a kids carnival both Saturday and Sunday to help kids have fun and get their energy out. This will be a ticketed event & will be run by a team of kids entertainers that IHC has booked. The carnival area will have a well-marked entrance close to some of the main activities taking place on campus. 

Each ticketed child will receive an electronic ticket via email that will be shown at check-in, and they will receive a wristband that will give them admittance to the carnival as much as they want for the entire weekend. 

There will be no admittance to the carnival for kids without their parent or guardian and their wristband. Parents or Guardians do not need a carnival ticket/ wristband to enter with their child. A teenaged sibling over 15 could be considered a guardian, if parent has them babysitting. 

The IHC Kids Carnival will have several fun activities including:

Bouncy House * Face Painting * Live Animals * Kid's Photo Booth * Bubbles Area * Balloon Animals * Glitter Tattoos * and * Lots of Carnival Games. The cost of the Kid's Carnival ticket is $10 for unlimited admittance to the carnival for the weekend & $6 for a one-day ticket. 

Click "Buy Tickets" link below to buy tickets on TicketLeap.


IHC Photo Booth!

Hog Roast & Hootenanny!

**Saturday evening Hog Roast & Hootenanny meal requires an additional ticket.

Mother Earth News Bookstore- 6,000 Square Feet!

Food Trucks!

Raffle Prizes Both Saturday & Sunday!

Go to the Raffle Prizes page to see more info and a complete list of prizes for each day.

Doorbuster Giveaway!

Overgrown Pasture Food Truck

Overgrown Pasture Food Truck

Local FARM FRESH Street Cuisine

Learn More
Tastys by Tasha Food Truck

Tastys by Tasha Food Truck

Tacos and Ramen

Learn More
Payne's Food Truck

Payne's Food Truck

British Fish and Chips

Learn More
The Stable Food Truck

The Stable Food Truck

Smoked meats served shredded over a choice ribbon fries or mac & cheese. Gluten Free and Vegan options available as well.

Learn More
Please arrive early to accommodate for checking everyone in, getting your conference bags, finding your way, etc. Check-in starts at 7:30 AM each day. The fairgrounds is fully fenced. Cars will only be checked in at the Grounds Entry Gate 4, and there will be no other way to enter. Parking attendants will be available to help direct everyone. There are 4 gates, but it should be evident which gate you need, due to parking, security, & check-in staff being present.

TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE. PLEASE SEE THE TICKETS PAGE ON THIS WEBSITE. 2023 Conference will be located at the Marion County Fairgrounds, just outside the I 465 loop east, of Indianapolis. PLEASE SEE "READ MORE" SECTION BELOW FOR MORE INSTRUCTIONS & INFO. ABOUT TRAVEL & LODGING

  • Date: 10/21/2023 09:00 AM - 10/22/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location: Marion County Fairgrounds, 7300 E Troy Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46239 (Map)

Read More
RV & Camping at Fairgrounds

RV & Camping at Fairgrounds

*RV and Camping spots are Rented through the Marion County Fairgrounds & MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE

Location:  Marion County Fairgrounds 7300 E Troy Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46239




Cost:  RV Hookups with water & power- $50 per night (no RV dump station available)

            Primitive Tent Camping- No water or power at campsite- $25 per night

            Bathrooms are available on the property

Availability:  There are 70 RV sites available with water and electricity. There are more primitive camping sites available.

Dates of Rental:   Friday October 20th and Saturday October 21st

Arrival:  Campers may arrive Friday, 10/20/22 during set up

Tear Down:  Sunday, 10/22/23 after close of event. This will reduce vehicle traffic while there is foot traffic at the event

Please note:  The fairgrounds will provide all instructions and payment processes for rental of camping or RV spaces. Filling out an RV/Camping application does not guarantee rental until the fairgrounds confirms your reservation. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

Camping Reservation Form for Marion County Fairgrounds:  Open PDF form below, print, fill out, scan, and submit to the Fairgrounds Office by email to If you need assistance, call the fairgrounds office at 317-353-2444.

Security will be on duty Friday, Saturday, and through Sunday at the end of the event. The fairgrounds campus is over 120 acres. 

The entire property is fenced and gated.

Read More  

We found one hotel that offered a better GROUP RATE, The Baymont by Wyndham. We are listing few additional hotels that are in close proximity to the conference that customers rate 4 stars & above. There are many other hotels in close proximity as well.

1540 Brookville Crossing Way, Indianapolis, IN 46239. Attendees must call hotel direct, at 317-322-2000, to make reservations in order to get the group rate.

7110 East 21st Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46219- 317-322-0101

5302 Victory Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46203- 317-7919100

5250 Noggle Way, Indianapolis, Indiana 46237- 317-888-4955

  • Marion County Fairgrounds 7300 E Troy Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46239, USA

VENDOR TABLES See Vendor Table page on this website Location for the 2023 Conference will be Marion County Fairgrounds near Indianapolis

Volunteers- Info & Perks

Volunteers- Info & Perks

Help us make the 2023 conference a success and sign up to become a volunteer! Volunteers are an essential part of our homesteading conference. We are better organized this year, and we hope that we are better able to plug volunteers in to tasks and roles. 

There is a link below that will take you to a required application. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application. We will be in touch with applicants in the next couple of months to confirm attendance and placement (it could be as late as early August - we appreciate your patience).

  • Completion of the volunteer application is not a guarantee of volunteer placement.
  • Each volunteer is required to work one half-day shift, which is up to 5 hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • Volunteers receive free admission to the regular conference sessions (valued at $45, weekend ticket) but this does not include admission to separate ticketed events; such as the hog roast meal, or specialized intensive workshop trainings.
  • You will receive a wristband in your volunteer bag that indicates you have a weekend conference pass just like other attendees. Wristbands are color coded to indicate what type of ticket an attendee has. You can check in at the conference table, and you will pick up your volunteer bag at the volunteer table in the main vendor hall.
  • Please be aware: Morning shifts can begin as early as 6 a.m. and volunteers can be on their feet for 5 hours or more.

If you're concerned that you won't be selected as a volunteer but want to make sure you can attend the conference, we recommend that you purchase a ticket in advance. Please note that we will not be able to refund ticket sales.

If you have physical limitations, please take those into consideration when selecting your volunteer choices. If you have limitations, please tell us in the comments section of the application to clarify the requirements for the position you’re requesting. We will do our best to accommodate our volunteers.

  • One application per volunteer.
  • Must be 18 years old to apply.
  • If you have children attending with you, they must stay with a guardian during your shift.
  • You must be able to stand or walk for up to 5 hours to volunteer for some jobs. Other physical capabilities may be required depending on the position chosen.
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled shift(s) after collecting your admittance wristband you will be invoiced for the cost of a weekend pass ticket for your attendance of the event. Wristbands for volunteers will be picked up at the volunteer table inside the Vendor Hall/Marketplace.

Fill out Volunteer Application Here

Read More  

If you would like to be a vendor at IHC, go to the Vendor & Food Truck Rental Info page.

vendors PARTICIPATING 2023 image
Abby's Elderberry 
Agrarian Indy Urban Homestead & Supply
Beard’s Metal Art 
BCS Two-Wheel Tractors
Celtic Glen Livestock LLC
Coal Creek Creations 
Dave & Sonya in Michigan 
Desnae Farms
Doyle Blackberry, Inc.
Dragonwood Maple Syrup & Honey Blends 
DreamWeavers Homestead
Energetic Living
Farmer Brad LLC
Food Plant Nursery Brookville
Fox Holler Woodworks
Hartwood Herbals
Hochstetler's Haven
Hogs and Hens Urban Farm
Homesteading network 
Indiana Maple Syrup Association
Indiana Homestead Preparedness Network
Indiana Nut & Fruit Growers Association
Indiana State Trappers Association 
Irish Mudd Livestock Farm 
IvyTech Agriculture Program 
Katie’s Kustoms 
Leaning Locust Woodcraft
Legacy Arrows Wealth Strategies
Little Farmhouse Shop
Maple River Farms 
MarketMax LLC
Materia Medica
Mike's Mycology 
Mossy Oak Properties 
Mulberry Branch Farm
Olive Branch Aquaponics
One Cow Revolution- Shawn & Beth Dougherty
Pork Rhyne is “The Pork Evangelist,”
Purdue Extension - Marion County
The Everyday Prepper 
Tree City Bee Company
Vital Connection Chiropractic
Zaffaranos Microgreens
Vendor Tables & Food Truck Info

Vendor Tables & Food Truck Info

2 Vendor Booths Available due to a couple of vendors being unable to attend at the last minute. 

 ****8' x 10' Vendor Space, Inside- $150.00 for both days SOLD OUT

(1 - 6-8' table and 2 chairs provided)

Food Truck Info Link Located at Bottom of This Page

Event Days: October 21 and 22 (Vendors must be set up for the whole conference)

Location: Marion County Fairgrounds, 7300 E Troy Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46239

Event Times: Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm

Early Set-UpFriday: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (there may be special considerations for food truck timing, but you will receive communications on specifics)

Set-up: Saturday: 6:30-7:30 am. (Booths must be set-up by 7:30 am when attendees start check-in for the conference)

Tear Down: Sunday 4:15 pm

Please note: Your vendor fee does not include admittance to the conference sessions. If you want to attend any of the sessions, you will need to purchase a conference pass separately. You can also purchase tickets for the Saturday evening hog roast on the website. Tickets can be purchased here: 

**Please NOTE

This is a homesteading/ farming/ landowner/ homeowner/ gardening/ livestock conference. Please consider whether your business is relevant to this topic or something our attendees would enjoy. We can't guarantee sales or traffic to your vending space.


Additional Tables — $10 each (1 table provided with booth) (inside only)

Additional Chairs — $5 each (2 chairs provided with booth) (inside only)

Electricity - Provided if needed (inside and outside)Water - Provided if needed (outside only) 

Internet is not reliable on the fairgrounds. If you plan to take credit cards, please bring a mobile hotspot. They are reliable at this location.

Vendor Application Link

Food Truck Application Link

Read More  

Workshops will run concurrently with other speakers on the regular conference schedule & require add-on tickets. There are lots of great learning opportunities with the weekend conference tickets, which include 49 topics to choose from, all in one price, but add-on workshops will offer added benefits with topics that require more time. They will go more in-depth, have small class sizes, give more time with speakers, have hands-on instruction, & will include items that attendees will take home.

Workshop 1 of 4: Wild Crafted Vinegars & Their Many Uses- Saturday, 10/21/23 at 9 AM - 11 AM

You MUST have a general admission conference ticket to enter the event and a workshop ticket to attend the workshops.

Ticket Cost- $55

Class size is limited to 30 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Buy Tickets

Gain confidence to make your own medicinal products with Karen's guidance and extensive expertise in this workshop.  She is a licensed Holistic Esthetician, a Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and an Eat for the Earth Coach.  

Learn how to create wild crafted vinegars & their uses for an at-home apothecary. You will learn how to utilize animal lards infused with tree barks, roots & leaves for medicinal use!  Karen will teach you to utilize more than the standard ingredients for vinegars and Southern Folk Remedies!  

Participants will get to keep the vinegar they craft in this workshop!  Jars & Supplies will be provided by the workshop.

Read More  

Workshop 2 of 4: Rabbit Processing with David Primm & Lessie Lennon- Saturday, 10/21/23 at 2:30-5 PM

Ticket Cost- $65

Class size is limited to 20 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Buy Tickets

Cast your fear of processing your own homegrown meat rabbits aside!  In this workshop you will gain the confidence to dispatch and process a rabbit from start to finish with the guidance of David Primm of Desnae Farm & Lessie Jo Frazier of Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC.

David and Lessie often hold processing classes onsite at their farms and are skilled in all things rabbit!  

Each participant will be provided a live rabbit to perform the entire process with. Participants will be provided a gambrel, knives, and cutting board to work with. Cut proof gloves are recommended. A step by step "How To" will also be provided by the instructor.  Each participant will learn to package their rabbit and take home the fruits of their labor. 

Read More  

Workshop 3 of 4: 10 Steps To Building An Independent Farmstead with Shawn & Beth Dougherty- Sunday, 10/22/23 at 9 AM- 12 Noon

Ticket Price: $80

Class size limited to 50 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Buy Tickets

Begin building resilience and fertility into your farm while feeding yourself from the land starting Day 1. Whether you’re searching for land, just starting out on your homestead, or are an experienced homesteader, these ten steps will show you how to design your land use for maximum productivity and independence with few to no inputs. 

Shawn & Beth Dougherty explain the principles of inputs-free, ecosystemic farming. Sunlight and rainfall power natural ecosystems – learn how they can power your homestead, too.  

Shawn & Beth have been homesteading since the 1980s and turning land deemed 'unsuitable for agriculture' into an abundant and productive farmstead!  Free Field Guide, Building the Independent Farmstead and a 15-page Planning Outline Provided!

Read More  

Workshop 4 of 4: Chicken Processing with Joel Salatin- Sunday, 10/23/23 at 2:30 PM-5 PM

Ticket Price: $90

Class size is limited to 25 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Buy Tickets

Learn how to confidently dispatch and process a chicken from start to finish with the instruction of Joel Salatin, the Lunatic Farmer Himself!  There's no need to fear the process with Joel walking you through the process with the aid of our IHC supportive team. He literally wrote the book on pasture raised poultry and is known internationally for his regenerative approaches to land and livestock!  

Each participant will receive a long-sleeved apron and lung remover (valued at $70) from our generous Chicken Processing Workshop Sponsor, Yardbird! Each student will be able to package and take home the apron, lung remover, and the bird that they processed in the class!


Read More  

Reference Info

Info Card in Attendee Bags

Event Program 2023

Apply to be a Speaker for 2024

Apply to be a Speaker for 2024

If you are interested in speaking for IHC 2024, please fill out a survey for us. We need a way to get to know people and keep the contact information so we don't lose it. We will start planning for speakers for 2024 before the end of 2023. Here is the link to the survey:

Fill out Survey/Application

Read More