Indiana Homesteading Conference 10/29/22

Partnering to teach Sustainable Living Skills.
Location: Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville, IN.
REGISTRATIONS ARE CURRENTLY FULL AT 1,000, but we have openings on our volunteer list. Fill out contact form below if interested.

The Indiana Homesteading Conference has a mission to support people in obtaining a more sustainable lifestyle and to promote homesteading skills for people at all levels of interest and skill. We have seen so many people who want to reconnect to a more down-to-earth approach to living and eating, but they feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do. Our hope is to provide support that will build resiliency in families and communities and have a lasting impact.

In addition, we want to build partnerships with people and businesses who have a passion for this issue, and to encourage relationships at the local level with people who would like to reduce their dependence on big systems and learn from each other. We would like to be a support in building local educational connections, and even encourage the development of a way for people to trade goods and services with each other. Grassroots movements that encourage community are always the most beneficial.

Join us in this passion and movement that has been growing significantly over time. 

Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, Sponsor

ForJars Canning Lids, Sponsor

CROSSROADS Portable Building Solutions, Sponsor

Freedom Focus LLC Firearms Training

Lehman's Amish Made Goods, Sponsor

Practical Preppers, Engineer 775, Sponsor

Weston A. Price Foundation

Winger's Sugarbush & Supplies

Indiana Berry & Plant Co., Sponsor

Mulberry Branch Farm, Mark & Ashley Burton, Sponsors

The Fowlers, Sponsors


REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED AT 1,000. WE ARE PLANNING ANOTHER EVENT FOR NEXT YEAR, SO CHECK BACK IN 2023, Indiana Homesteading Conference- 2022 If you have registered and decide you are not going to attend, please send a message through the contact-us section below, so I can remove you from the list, and others can use your space. Thanks!!


  • Date: 10/29/2022 09:00 AM - 10/29/2022 06:00 PM
  • Location: 2003 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, IN 46060, USA (Map)

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Food Preservation and Canning Overview

Long-term Food Storage, Dehydrating, Vacuum Sealing

Urban & Container Gardening

Raising Rabbits for Food & Butchering

Starting a Garden & Planning for Next Spring

Comparison of Several Gardening Methods Including Regenerative

Raising Chickens/Poultry for Eggs, Meat, & Proper Care of Poultry

Perennial Food Crops- Fruit and Nut Plants/ Care & Production/ Plant Propagation

Goats for Beginners with Real Goats

Bee Keeping & Honey Production

Garden Pests & Diseases, Identification & Treatment, Chemical Free Approaches

Wild Edibles & Medicinals

Seed Saving, How to Avoid Cross Pollination, Seed Maturity, Storage. Seed Longevity

Regional Connection Meetings

Starting Your Own Garden Plants, Seed Saving, & Greenhouse Growing- Not Confirmed

Solar Setup Approach.. Not Confirmed

Emergency Backup- Water, Communication, & Heat- Not Confirmed

Greenhouse growing

Self Defense Planning

Vermicomposting 101. How to grow your own worms for worm castings

Keeping a family milk cow

How to Fund Your Homestead By Starting a CSA

Raising mini cattle/ Dexters

Raising pigs

Breakout sessions schedule will be sent out via email a couple of days ahead of time and given out at the event so you can choose which breakouts you want to attend. Please check your email and make sure emails are not going to the spam or promotions folder.

**Door prize drawing will be held last session of the event. You must be present during drawing to win. **

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  • 2003 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, IN 46060, USA

VENDOR TABLES CONTACT: Conference Location is at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Please follow any rules required by the fairgrounds. NO CAMPING or PETS ALLOWED ON GROUNDS


Rhonda Fowler- Breakout- Food Preservation Methods & Long-term Food Storage

Speaker & Developer

Kris Heeter (aka Dr. Kris Klueg)- Breakouts- Pest and Disease Management: From the Ground Up & Rainwater Harvesting: Small and Large Scale Considerations

Speaker, Biologist at Indiana University

Ashley Burton, Goats For Beginners : G.O.A.T. on the Homestead

Speaker, Mulberry Branch Farm, Organizer

Randy Kemerly, Planning and Starting a Garden & Comparison of Gardening Methods with a Focus on Regenerative Farming

Speaker, Owner-Operator at Hidden Acres Fruit Farm

Karen Lynn Burr, Intro to Wild Edibles & Medicinals, Intro to Infused Vinegars & Making Fire Cider

Speaker, Wild Edible & Medicinal Specialilst

Dana Burton, Building Our Homesteads From Scratch

Speaker, Growing Dreams Homestead

Lessie Jo Frazier, Rabbits on the Homestead: Ideal Fertilizer and High Quality Protein

Speaker, Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC

Jenny Lambert, Seed Saving for Self-Sufficiency

Speaker, Master Gardener

Bradley Wood, What you need to start to raise chickens for EGGs or Meat

Speaker, Farmer Brad LLC Hatchery & Poultry Supply

Tracy Pielemeier, Beekeeping - A Great Livestock for All Sizes of Homesteads

Speaker, The Hive Butler

Chris Gonso, Feeding Your Family From The Land

Speaker, Homesteader/Orchardist

Stacy A. Clupper, Extending the Growing Season for Maximum Produce Production

Speaker, Agriculture Program-Assistant Professor/Program Chair Ivy Tech Community College-Marion Campus (Grant County)

Lynsey Johnston, Food Production in Urban & Suburban Spaces

Speaker, Owner, Peaceful & Practical Edible Gardens

Michael Hicks, How to Fund Your Homestead By Starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Speaker, Farm Manager, Farm School Director, Massage Therapist, Founder/Owner Living Roots Farm and Organic Farm School

Brandon Bilbrey, Dual-Purpose Small Heritage Cattle On A Homestead

Speaker, Bilbrey Farms

DeMario Vitalis, An introduction into shipping container farming

Speaker, Owner/ Founder, New Age Provisions Farms

Leilonie, AKA Skipper- Breakout- Canning 101

Speaker, Content Creator, homemaker, Canner of 17 years

Mark Townsend, Breakouts- Developing a Personal and Home-Protection Plan & Composting with Worms

Speaker, Trainer, Business Owner

Steven and Ethel Baker, Introduction to Pasture Raised Pigs

Speaker, IrishMudd LLC

David Primm, Rabbit Workshop

Dylan & Meagan Wolterman, You can do a lot with a little space

Speakers, Wolterman Homestead

Nathan Brandt, Don’t spill the milk

Speaker, Brandt Blossom Farm

Steve Zaffarano- Microgreens, Sustainable Urban Farming for Tomorrow


Peg Murphy, Beekeeping Panel Discussion

Speaker, Bee Keeper and Trainer

David J. Zbieszkowski, LPG, Beekeeping Panel Discussion

Speaker, Beekeeper

Holly Oden, Beekeeping Panel Discussion

Speaker, Beekeeping Panel Discussion, First-year beekeeper and homesteader

Aaron Townsend, Bee Keeping Panel Discussion

Please consider being a sponsor for the Indiana Homesteading Conference. This is an event that will assist families in learning sustainable living skills and will help them develop resiliency. Most of our attendees have a desire to develop  infrastructure to reconnect to growing and living locally, especially in their own communities and homes.

Please contact Rhonda Fowler at if you want to inquire further

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