Ashley Burton
Speaker, Mulberry Branch Farms, IHC Organizer

Our family of 3 started our Homesteading Journey 12 years ago when we bought our first property; 13 acres that was now a retired corn field.  

Once our house and barn were built, we knew we wanted beneficial livestock that we could run on our acreage that could both benefit the land as well as us.  When my husband suggested goats I was skeptical if they’d be a good fit or permanent fixture on our farm.  

Ten years later and I am THAT Crazy Goat Lady with a bad case of Goat Math.  I’ve grown to love these small ruminants and have gained lots of experience and knowledge along the way.  Not only have these wonderful animals enriched my life they have also enriched my homestead in so many ways!  We enjoy goat meat, goat milk and many other biproducts that result from keeping goats.  I’m passionate and feel called to share my love for these wonderful animals through knowledge sharing and mentorship!


Choosing a Productive Dairy Goat