Bradley Wood
Speaker, Farmer Brad LLC Hatchery & Poultry Supply

Bradley Wood of Farmer Brad Hatchery and Poultry Supply.

Bradley Wood is a husband, father of 4 and a full-time Web Developer. Combining his love for chickens and innovation he developed a chicken watering system that not only saves time, but also continuously ensures that his flock receives fresh clean water.

He enjoys raising his chickens, ducks, geese, sheep and one dairy cow, while using regenerative farming practices to be a good steward of his 8 acre homestead located in East Central Indiana after relocating from California in 2014. He encourages others that now is a great time to start homesteading.

Breakout Session

Raising Chickens- Sustainable Backyard Flock 

The 3 things you need for your chickens and how it may differ if your goal is for eggs or meat. 

  • Shelter
  • Feed
  • Water
  • Hatching/Brooding and growing your flock 

Signs to look out for 

  • Pasty butt 
  • Coccidiosis 
  • Mites 
  • Rye neck / star gazers