Harold Thornbro
Speaker, The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Redemption Permaculture

Harold Thornbro is a homesteading and permaculture advocate, he is a co-host of The Modern Homesteading Podcast, author of the book “From Home To Small Town Homestead” and blogger at RedemptionPermaculture.com. 

Harold converted his urban home and property into a fully functioning holistic permaculture homestead after a cancer diagnosis in 2012 in order to radically change his lifestyle and diet. 

He has a passion for helping people get started homesteading (no matter if they live in the city or country) to grow their own food, live healthier lives, become more self-sufficient, and escape the common food system that is laden with problems.

The Modern Homesteading Podcast

Join Harold Thornbro and Rachel Jamison as they talk about all things homesteading! They discuss things like gardening, livestock, permaculture, food preservation, foraging, hunting, fishing, and the know-how and skills that will help you in your homesteading journey, and occasionally they have guests and we get to hear about what others are doing on their homesteads.


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Read More about Harold's journey and experience:  https://redemptionpermaculture.com/about/

3 Breakout Sessions:

          Urban & Suburban Homesteading 

Backyard to Bounty: The Potential of Urban and Suburban Homesteads

 ● Defining urban and suburban homesteading

 ● The benefits and relevance of homesteading in urban/suburban areas

 ● The challenges and solutions of homesteading in urban/suburban areas

 ● Evaluating your property for its homesteading potential and exploring options

 ● Creating closed-loop systems for greater self-sufficiency and sustainability

 ● Engaging with the local community


          Raising Quail in Urban or Rural Setting 

A Great Urban or Rural Option

 ● Reasons to consider raising coturnix quail

 ● Getting started raising coturnix quail: proper setup, equipment needed, what you need to know

 ● Hatching eggs

 ● Quail husbandry

 ● Meat processing

 ● The culinary delights of quail meat and eggs

          Budget Friendly Hunting To Fill The Homestead Freezer

 ● The potential for Indiana residents to supply meat for their homesteads through hunting: large and small game, bag limits, etc.

 ● The difference between budget friendly hunting for meat and hunting for sport

 ● Hunters safety and regulations

 ● Hunting equipment

 ● Finding places to hunt

 ● Meat processing general overview