Heather Butler
Speaker, Urban Permaculture Podcast, Hogs & Hens Urban Farm

Welcome to our little slice of paradise! We are Bob and Heather and we are the owners of Hogs and Hens Urban Farm. We live in Dayton, Ohio in USDA growing zone 6A.

Hogs and Hens Urban Farm was officially started in 2021 as an attempt to transition ourselves into eating healthier and living more sustainably. We never dreamed that our little garden would take off so much and become the food forest that you’ll find here today. While we had small raised beds, indoor herb gardens, and had experimented with microgreens, 2021 was the year we decided to make a big change and start expanding our garden.

Today, we grow a large variety of annual and perennial fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms on our farm. We raise a tiny flock of laying hens and have 2 active dogs that love to keep the groundhogs away. We are currently expanding to add a flock of, quail, and meat rabbits, as well as honeybees. We raise worms which we use to make our own compost, and use them to help aerate our garden.

Everything we grow is organic and non-GMO. That’s right, we don’t use any synthetic products to grow a bountiful harvest each year. This website is built to help you learn from our successes and failures to start your own permaculture journey.

Our little family live very busy lives and travel for work, so our farm has to be very streamlined to be efficient. Check out the articles we have written for tips and tricks to help your garden become more self sufficient, and tune in weekly to our podcast The Urban Permaculture Podcast where we talk in depth about the topics you crave.

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Basics of Gardening Methods How to Start a Garden