Hunter Smith, From NFL Football to Farmer & Musician
Speaker, Super Bowl Champion for the Indianapolis Colts

Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith is a farmer, musician, former NFL football player and Super Bowl Champion for the Indianapolis Colts. It is the farmer role he loves to speak about most. Hunter’s family is a farm family…doing real work…producing real food…on a real place. Hunter challenges audiences with a 360 degree approach to farming as it affects families, communities, wildlife, and soil. His family farm, WonderTree, has become a central Indiana hub for local, pastured, protein. Hunter, in word and in deed, proves the merits of herbivores and omnivores—hoofed and beaked—living in synergistic ecological relationships. He believes people, the crowning achievement of creation, are the nucleus of this dynamic; as the people go, so goes the earth. Hunter enjoys discussing the “why,” the “how,” the hardships, and the incalculable rewards awaiting people who, once again, enter into visceral relationships with nature through agriculture.

WonderTree Farm

WonderTree Farm is a traditional farm serving central Indiana since 2015. Founded by Hunter & Jennifer Smith, along with their four children, WonderTree produces and sells 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry, and pastured eggs. The on-farm WonderTree Market also offers local staples from other local producers such as raw dairy, raw honey, and select produce. As well as being a provider of local foods, WonderTree also exists as a cultural center for the promotion of local art, writing, agricultural experiences through field trips and farm tours, and conversations. Visit to learn more.

 2280 S US 421 Zionsville IN 46077  

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Football Fields to Farming Fields