Joe Gady
Speaker, Farming for Llife

About Joe Gady, founder and owner of Farming For Life

In 2003, while living on my organic farm, I began to ferment a few foods in a half dozen crocks, selling them at local farmer's markets. It grew into wholesale production in our certified kitchen in Rochester, IN in 2014.

With the help of our small team of skilled employees, we now produce 14 live-culture foods in over 90 European ceramic crocks and 8 drinks in glass bubblers. We use only fresh whole organic foods, organic spices and herbs, and the sea salt with the highest amount of trace minerals we can find (90!). Our passion is to ferment as long as possible (our minimum is 3 weeks on cabbage krauts) and produce the most nutritionally and biologically dense foods that promote digestive and intestinal vitality.

My wife Megan and I are developing a small farm for the production of nutrient-dense organic herbs and foods, some of which are used in our fermenting business and some for fresh sales.

Breakout Session:


We will discuss what fermentation of foods and drinks is about, how to do it, and the benefits of consuming these for our wellbeing. We talk about how to ferment in crocks or jars, and have resources of where to purchase crocks.  In addition there will be books on display and handouts available. Farming For Life will provide samples for tasting all of our raw food ferments and probiotic drinks, and a list of stores where they may be purchased. We stress the value of repopulating our gut beneficial microbial life, by eating small amounts of these live culture foods daily, thereby rebuilding our immune systems, detoxifying pollutants, destroying pathogens, transmuting and eliminating heavymetals. Increased nutrient density and diversity produced in the fermenting process, adds value to any of the original food stocks, thus promoting our own well being and health sustainability.