Kris Heeter (aka Dr. Kris Klueg)
Speaker, Biologist at Indiana University, IN Nut & Fruit Growers Assoc

Kris Heeter (aka Dr. Kris Klueg) is a biologist at Indiana University. She is the President of the North American Fruit Explorers, is on the Board of Directors of the Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA) and the Indiana Nut and Fruit Growers Association (INFGA). 

She and her husband, Brian, a have a small orchard and classified forest on a 100-acre place in Solsberry, IN, near the famous Tulip Trestle (the world’s third-longest railroad viaduct). Kris has worked with INGFA to develop the first Indiana fruit and nut tree repository on their property. 

Prior to moving to Solsberry, she dabbled in urban homesteading:  growing backyard fruit, foraging, working with medicinal herbs, canning, and teaching basic homesteading principles at the non-profit Hinkle-Garton Farmstead in Bloomington, IN. Upon moving to Solsberry, she and her husband expanded their homesteading journey by using permaculture design principles. One of her current projects is growing a diverse set of over 80 unique edibles and medicinals in a 10' x 15' garden. 


Pest & Disease Management for Fruit & Nut Crops 
Description:  With increasing changes in climate, staying on top of pests and disease can feel like a losing battle. Getting these bad boys under control starts with creating a healthy and diverse ecosystem below and above ground. The living organisms we cultivate underground is just as important was what we cultivate above ground. Kris will cover the "must have" life needed underground, the critical role that soil life plays, the beneficial organisms that play an important role above ground, and the techniques used to manage pests and diseases without chemicals.

Basic Perennial Plant Propagation Techniques 

Description: Using what you already have or can get access to, learn how you how to cost-effectively multiply your perennial plants. Kris will cover the propagation specifics for hardwoods, softwoods, and perennial seed. A bucket, some dirt, and pruning shears, and just a little bit of space are all you need to start. It's easier than you might think!