Kylee Eller
Speaker, Westwind Farm and Fiber

Kylee Eller along with her family opened Westwind Farm and Fiber to the public in 2019 located just outside of Yorktown, Indiana.  She is a wife, mother to 4 children, fiber artist, and a farmer.  She is passionate about agriculture education for the local community and wants to share her wonderful animals and farm experiences with others.  Her farm specializes in raising heritage style animals and she is a member of the Livestock Conservancy.  Her favorite fiber animal to raise is her small flock of Shetland sheep.  She has a small cottage style fiber mill at her farm where she processes the fiber from her animals.  She hosts a “Fiber Arts Festival” at her farm every June for fiber artists and fiber farms to sell their fiber art and supplies. 

The class she will be offering is “All About Fiber Animals”.  You will get a chance to see and touch the many different fibers from the animals on her homestead, discover the best way to process the fiber, and learn all about the care of fiber animals.  We will take an in depth look at raising sheep, alpacas, angora/cashmere goats, and angora rabbits. She looks forward to meeting many of you at the Indiana Homesteading Conference!