Lessie Jo Frazier
Speaker, Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC

For Lessie Lennon, what is now called "regenerative" farming has been her family's way of life for over three centuries in this land. As an anthropologist and historian, she has long explored community foodways in American Culture. She recently spoke at the Small Farm Conference on small-medium stock processing and advocates for homesteading. Mother of four, she farms with husband Phil in Owen County. 

Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock: celticglen.org  and @celticglenllc

We provide high quality, gentle breeding stock.  Offer rare breed livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits), as well as pasture-raised craft meats direct from farm and through stores and restaurants. We hold on-farm homesteading workshops. We sell rabbit soil amendment products. We produce Celtic themed prepared foods for retail sale. 

Farming practices: Regenerative, predator-friendly, energy-efficient, minimal/recyclable/compostable packaging, wetlands stewards. Large and medium livestock are pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished, minimal social intervention in herds and flocks, no drugs beyond medically necessary precautions and treatments, no hormones ever.

Livestock Conservancy member farm, Indiana Grown member, Farmer Veteran Coalition Member, Farm Bureau Member 


          Intro to Rabbit Care & Husbandry 

"Rabbits on the homestead: ideal fertilizer and high quality protein." 

  • live demo of rabbit handling
  • mating 
  • housing
  • Food & Water 
  • care of kits (baby rabbits) 
  • gardening with rabbit berries

"From pasture to table: processing small and medium stock"

  • legal and practical issues in processing small stock (rabbits, poultry) 
  • Demonstration of dispatch and processing rabbit 
  • Discussion of freezing 
  • Nutrition benefits of rabbit meat  

          Rabbit Butchering Intensive Workshop