Mike Smith
Speaker, Indiana Maple Syrup Association

Michael Smith is hobbyist syrup producer, producing syrup for the past ten years and a member of the Indiana Maple Syrup Association since 2016. An engineer by trade, a father of three, and a life-long resident of Brown County IN, he became interested in producing syrup as a curiosity and an opportunity to spend more time outdoors during the winter months. 

Producing anywhere between 3 to 10 gallons per year, he continues to produce as a hobby supplying family and friends with syrup. In 2019 he experimented with Black Walnut syrup and produced 3 gallons. Actively involved with the Indiana Maple Syrup association, he enjoys learning from more experienced producers and implementing process improvements yearly in his production of syrup.

Breakout Session:

Making Maple Syrup for Your Family

  • History of Maple Syrup
  • Tapping trees and sap collection methods and equipment
  • Reverse osmosis opportunities
  • Boiling /evaporating process and equipment
  • Filtering options and equipment
  • Bottle/Canning method issues and tips

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