Sonya Boone
Speaker, Dave & Sonya in Michigan

We are Dave and Sonya Boone. We live in the country on just over 5 acres in South Eastern Michigan where we have a large vegetable and herb garden, a kitchen garden, fruit trees, mushrooms and do Maple Syrup. We also have a "City Lot", Raised Garden set up that we use for demonstrations on how and what YOU can grow on less then ¼ of an acre. We practice many food Preservation techniques such as Canning, Freeze Drying, Dehydrating and Fermenting. We have Chickens, Ducks and Quail for meat and eggs.

One of our big focuses is on building community, being self-sufficient and knowing where our food comes from. The other is to always have a backup plan for the backup plan.

For fun, we love Wilderness or Dispersed Camping (no public services). As we age, we have found that Rustic tent camping isn't as easy on us and we really enjoy modern conveniences. We realized that we needed something that served us in both the camping world and on the Homestead in the event we lost power. We needed a way to stay warm/cool, a place to be able to stay clean, prepare food and a way to wash our clothing, so we outfitted our Truck and Cargo Trailer with Solar and converted the Cargo Trailer into an Off-Grid Tiny House. Being mobile also allows us to travel and do demonstrations or training on how easy it is to take care of our basic needs during a power outage.

We love to teach and educate folks on everything and anything related to small scale Homesteading, Food Preservation and Preparedness practices. So, whether you have a city lot, a small 5-acre Homestead like us or you have a large Homestead Farm,  It's all about self-sufficiency wherever you live.

Breakout Session:

Long Term Food Storage