Stacy A. Clupper
Speaker, Agriculture Program-Assistant Prof/Program Chair Ivy Tech Community College (Grant County)

Stacy is currently the Program Chair for Agriculture at the Marion (Grant County) Ivy Tech Campus. She manages a 2400 ft² teaching greenhouse and serves as an Assistant Professor, teaching several horticulture and traditional agriculture classes. She was previously a Purdue Extension Educator for 21 years, specializing in Master Gardener programming and agricultural awareness. 

Stacy is also co-owner of Little Barn Akers, a small high tunnel farming operation near Van Buren, Indiana. 

Stacy enjoys giving presentations and meeting fellow garden enthusiasts. One of her favorite memories is presenting at a conference that was held on an Alaskan cruise ship. She did her best to keep the attention of her audience, but finally heeded to the icebergs as the ship cruised through Glacier Bay.

Breakout Session:

High Tunnels, Greenhouses, and Cold Frames