Victoria Reicheneker
Speaker, Dreamweavers Homestead

We are a young couple with 1 son and a small homestead in the breathtaking Ozarks. We strive to grow and raise everything we do here as naturally as possible. It has been a dream of ours to get back into the country and live more free. Providing for ourselves and our family. 

We then wanted to provide food, livestock and share teachings for like-minded individuals on similar journeys. From Hatching Eggs to Sustainable Landscape Design we are here to help and make those connections with others. Permaculture is the practice we lean to for a promising abundant tomorrow. 

Gardening and Rabbits are a huge passion of mine. We have a background in business and management aside from the homestead, and we're looking forward to an amazing year!

Breakout Session:

Fodder for Livestock