Azure Standard, healthy organic foods & natural products at family-friendly prices

Who We Are

Welcome to the Azure Standard family!

We are glad you found us! We want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about us so you can understand what we offer and how we can help! Azure provides a full complement of healthy organic foods and natural products at family-friendly prices, but we are unique in our approach and values.

Who we are

Azure is a different kind of company born of a different mindset and held to a different standard. You know us as a natural health food distributor bringing bulk and specialty health foods to communities all across the nation. But at our core, we are a family (plus friends who might as well be family!) with a dedication to share what we have learned and provide other families with the highest standard of whole foods at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, organic, non-GMO foods to live long, strong, meaningful lives.

We are also different in how we bring food to you. Instead of using a middle man or expensive shipping, we make it affordable to pick up all your groceries, even bulk quantities, at one of our community delivery drop sites. You can use our Community Drop Locator to find a local pickup in your area, also known as drop locations.

How we started

Azure was founded by David Stelzer, but our company started as a natural extension of his family’s twenty-year journey of healing through dietary and lifestyle changes. After converting their farm from conventional to all organic, the Stelzers experienced radical and lasting improvements in their health and became convinced that organic eating was the key to healthy living. This began our commitment to organic farming long before it was widespread.

The family began to share and sell the products they raised with other health-minded people in their local community. As those customers asked for more foods and demand grew, Azure branched out by sourcing high-quality natural products from other companies. Over time, we became the full-service distributor we are today! Learn more about our history by reading David Stelzer's story and Azure Farm's timeline.