PortA Coop


The PortA-Coop is a powder-coated heavy duty metal pen made right here in the USA. It is a high-quality product with its netting, welded to the frame for years of trouble-free use. Just a few of the quality features are:

-Portable and easy to move with flat-free wheels

-A UV resistant tarp is included for shelter and shade

-Available in three different sizes—4’x 5’, 6’x8’, 10’x12’

-Easy to Assemble

-Optional Laying boxes, feeders, and waterers available

It is the perfect choice for small animals such as chickens, rabbits, turkeys and more.


Manufactured by:

Pine View Sales – 2820 Township Road 7, Brinkhaven, OH 43006 

 330.600.5722.    www.porta-coop.com