Superior Poultry Products

Pastured Poultry Solutions for Broilers, Layers, Turkeys, and Ducks

Our Mission: Providing simple, effective and innovative poultry products to make your life easier while keeping your animals happy, healthy, and safe from predators!

Welcome to Superior Poultry Products LLC and thank you for your interest in our products. Regenerative, pasture-based farming and heritage-breed chickens have always been my passion.

Superior Poultry Products catalog in PDF form:  Superior Poultry Products 2023 Retail Catalog (1).pdf

Our story starts in 2012 when we bought our first 50 layers and built our first chicken coop. After a couple years of raising broilers & layers on pasture it became very obvious we needed a better coop for our farm. We went to a local weld shop with a dream & a vision in our mind to develop a coop that our chickens and our farm could truly enjoy! The brand Alumi-Coops was born with three key features in mind:

1. Built to last with an aluminum frame.

2. A smooth, adjustable wheel system (our proprietary Alpha-Lite Wheel System.)

3. Designed from a chicken's perspective to completely eliminate stress, therefore gaining more production! Now even though we have thousands of farms & homesteads experiencing the the Alumi-Coop, we are always striving to build a culture of continuous improvement in all we do!

Thank you for your business,

David Miller and SPP Team

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Below are photos of a couple of products they carry.