Adult- Intensive Learning Workshops
IHC is offering 4 Intensive Workshops. Varied times and ticket prices. Click Read More to see more info.

Intensive Training Workshops will run concurrently with other speakers on the regular conference schedule and require add-on tickets. There are plenty of great learning opportunities with the regular weekend conference tickets, which include 49 different topics/speaker sessions to choose from, all for one price, but add-on workshops will offer additional benefits with topics that require more time. They will go much more in-depth, have small class sizes to provide more time with speakers, have hands-on instruction, and will include items that the attendees will take home with them. You MUST have a general admission conference ticket to enter the event and a workshop ticket to attend a workshop.

Workshop 1 of 4: 

Wild Crafted Vinegars & Their Many Uses with Karen Lynn Burr- Saturday, 10/21/23 at 9 AM - 11 AM

Ticket Cost- $55

Class size is limited to 30 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Gain confidence to make your own medicinal products with Karen's guidance and extensive expertise in this workshop.  She is a licensed Holistic Esthetician, a Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and an Eat for the Earth Coach.  

Learn how to create wild crafted vinegars & their uses for an at-home apothecary. You will learn how to utilize animal lards infused with tree barks, roots & leaves for medicinal use!  Karen will teach you to utilize more than the standard ingredients for vinegars and Southern Folk Remedies!  

Participants will get to keep the vinegar they craft in this workshop!  Jars & Supplies will be provided by the workshop.

Workshop 2 of 4: 

Rabbit Processing with David Primm & Lessie Lennon- Saturday, 10/21/23 at 2:30-5 PM

Ticket Cost- $65

Class size is limited to 20 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Cast your fear of processing your own homegrown meat rabbits aside!  In this workshop you will gain the confidence to dispatch and process a rabbit from start to finish with the guidance of David Primm of Desnae Farm & Lessie Jo Frazier of Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC.

David and Lessie often hold processing classes onsite at their farms and are skilled in all things rabbit!  

Each participant will be provided a live rabbit to perform the entire process with. Participants will be provided a gambrel, knives, and cutting board to work with. Cut proof gloves are recommended. A step by step "How To" will also be provided by the instructor.  Each participant will learn to package their rabbit and take home the fruits of their labor.

Workshop 3 of 4: 

10 Steps To Building An Independent Farmstead with Shawn & Beth Dougherty- Sunday, 10/22/23 at 9 AM- 12 Noon

Ticket Price: $80

Class size limited to 50 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Begin building resilience and fertility into your farm while feeding yourself from the land starting Day 1. Whether you’re searching for land, just starting out on your homestead, or are an experienced homesteader, these ten steps will show you how to design your land use for maximum productivity and independence with few to no inputs. 

Shawn & Beth Dougherty explain the principles of inputs-free, ecosystemic farming. Sunlight and rainfall power natural ecosystems – learn how they can power your homestead, too.  

Shawn & Beth have been homesteading since the 1980s and turning land deemed 'unsuitable for agriculture' into an abundant and productive farmstead!  Free Field Guide, Building the Independent Farmstead and a 15-page Planning Outline Provided!

Workshop 4 of 4: 

Chicken Processing with Joel Salatin- Sunday, 10/23/23 at 2:30 PM-5 PM

Ticket Price: $90

Class size is limited to 25 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

Learn how to confidently dispatch and process a chicken from start to finish with the instruction of Joel Salatin, the Lunatic Farmer Himself!  There's no need to fear the process with Joel walking you through the process with the aid of our IHC supportive team. He literally wrote the book on pasture raised poultry and is known internationally for his regenerative approaches to land and livestock!  

Each participant will receive a long-sleeved apron and lung remover (valued at $70) from our generous Chicken Processing Workshop Sponsor, Yardbird! Each student will be able to package and take home the apron, lung remover, and the bird that they processed in the class!