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Class size limited to 50 attendees. This intensive learning Workshop runs concurrently with a portion of the regular conference day.

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Begin building resilience and fertility into your farm while feeding yourself from the land starting Day 1. Whether you’re searching for land, just starting out on your homestead, or are an experienced homesteader, these ten steps will show you how to design your land use for maximum productivity and independence with few to no inputs. 

Shawn & Beth Dougherty explain the principles of inputs-free, ecosystemic farming. Sunlight and rainfall power natural ecosystems – learn how they can power your homestead, too.  

Shawn & Beth have been homesteading since the 1980s and turning land deemed 'unsuitable for agriculture' into an abundant and productive farmstead!  Free Field Guide, Building the Independent Farmstead and a 15-page Planning Outline Provided!